The Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences offers graduate programs students interested in both Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Both programs are flexible so as to meet individual needs and are research-intensive programs that offer the opportunity to work closely with faculty. Current research strengths in the department include: benthic ecology, surface processes, soil erosion, sediment transport, stratigraphy, geologic sequestration of carbon, geochemistry, meteorites, planetary materials, planetary geology and geophysics, and high-pressure mineral physics and chemistry. Students interested in any these disciplines are encouraged to explore the interests of the faculty and to contact directly any members of the faculty with whom they share interests.

Funding for teaching and research assistantships are often available to qualified students. Potential students interested in financial assistance are encouraged to apply by January 15th.

General inquiries regarding the graduate programs and funding opportunities may be directed to Prof. Ralph Harvey, Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee.

Apply online here:

Admission requirements can be found here: The EEPS Department does not require the GRE for admission.