The Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences help you understand the world around, under, and above you.

Connect human activity and natural events, including issues ranging from the environment to urban planning to planetary bodies.

Are multidisciplinary sciences that help us to understand the dynamic earth: its past, present, and future.

Are hands-on sciences – from the classroom to the lab to the field.

The Case Western Reserve University Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences gives you opportunities to work directly with faculty who care about the learning, research, and teaching of geological sciences.


EEPS Professor Steven Hauck writes about his time as editor of JGR: Planets in EOS

Professor Steven Hauck served as editor-in-chief to JGR: Planets from January 2015 to April 2019.  He writes about the journal’s role in the planetary science community and gives thanks to those who supported him during his time as editor-in-chief. To read the full article in EOS, click here.

EEPS researcher Nick Sutfin studies sediment in Colorado streams; helps to understand dynamics of rivers like Cuyahoga

Studying the sediment of a mountain river can reveal thousands of years or more of a waterway’s history, including new threats from more frequent wildfires and increased precipitation brought by climate change.  Understanding those challenges may provide insight into other waterways, including the Cuyahoga River. To read more about...

EEPS Professor Peter Whiting Gives Geological Insight Following Local Earthquake

Professor Whiting spoke to TV19 news regarding the recent earthquake felt locally in Eastlake and beyond.  Click here to see the news footage.