The Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences help you understand the world around, under, and above you.

Connect human activity and natural events, including issues ranging from the environment to urban planning to planetary bodies.

Are multidisciplinary sciences that help us to understand the dynamic earth: its past, present, and future.

Are hands-on sciences – from the classroom to the lab to the field.

The Case Western Reserve University Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences gives you opportunities to work directly with faculty who care about the learning, research, and teaching of geological sciences.


Meet Thomas Hotaling, Senior Major in Environmental Geology

Tell us something about where you grew up Although I was born in Cincinnati, I have spent most of my life in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Even though I was surrounded by manicured lawns and plastic playgrounds, my parents made sure I had plenty of opportunities to go...

EEPS Professor Peter Whiting talks to WKSU’s “Oh Really” Recent Edition on Climate Change

Professor Peter Whiting talks to WKSU’s “Oh Really” recent edition on how climate change may affect Northeast Ohio in the future. To listen to or read a transcript, please go to  

Meet Reno Tarquinio, Senior Major in Geological Sciences

Where did you grow up? Steubenville, OH (like Pittsburgh but more West Virginia) What do you like most about the EEPS department? All of the EEPS majors are welcoming and fun, as are the professors. Also, every class in the department is taught with a lot of enthusiasm and that...