Meet Briana Litchholt, Fourth Year Double Major in Environmental Geology and Environmental Studies

Where is your hometown?

Westfield, NJ

What’s your favorite thing about the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences?

The EEPS department feels like a community to me. I feel like each member of the faculty cares about my success inside and outside of the classroom, and will always offer great advice. Also, my fellow EEPS majors are always supportive and helpful! We even have a groupchat where we send memes.

What does your senior thesis research involve?

For my senior thesis, I am simulating the effects of ocean acidification to see how it affects the growth rate in clams! I dyed the shells of some of the clams, and I weigh all of them every other week to see how much they’ve grown. I will also increase the water temperature and concentration of CO2 to mimic some of the effects that climate change will have on the ocean, and that these clams will experience in the next few decades. My faculty advisors are Dr. McCall and Dr. Giri, who are great mentors!

What is your favorite thing to do here in Cleveland when you aren’t studying?

Go downtown with my sorority sisters. I love trying a new restaurant before heading out to a concert or baseball game.

What are you most excited about for your future?

Graduating in May, then attending graduate school to continue my studies in the environmental field.

Briana Litchholt