Meet Sebastian Cangahuala, Senior Major in Geology

Tell us something about where you grew up and your experiences.

I grew up in Claremont, California, a small college town on the west coast. Being around academia got me interested in research at an early age, and CWRU caught my eye on a college visit during a summer vacation trip with my family.

What do you like about the EEPS Dept?

The community aspect of the EEPS Department is fantastic. It’s abundantly evident every faculty member cares about you, wants to help you learn, and is always looking for opportunities in your best interests. In addition, since the department is much smaller than others, it is more feasible to take field trips to get a more hands-on experience with class subjects.

What’s something you don’t know about or how to do, but would like to learn?

I would like to learn how to read, write, and speak in Chinese. It would make communication with some of my family easier, as well as it could come in handy should I find work in a place that speaks predominantly Chinese.

Tell us about your senior research thesis.

My senior research thesis is about high electrical conductivity at deep upper mantle/transition zone depths. The thesis tests the hypothesis that the mineral liebermannite is causing this conductivity as a function of the temperatures and pressures found at these depths, as well as liebermannite’s chemical composition.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am an avid Pokémon GO player, and enjoy the game in both a casual and competitive nature. I’ve also picked up weightlifting.

What are you enthused about for your future?
I am enthusiastic about graduating and going to grad school. Though I’m not sure which school I’ll be going to at the moment, I am excited for any and all opportunities that come my way.