Welcome Dr. Tyler Doane, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Dr. Tyler Doane joined the EEPS Department in Fall 2023 as Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Dr. Tyler Doane is a quantitative geomorphologist who works on understanding the mechanics of sediment transport and the lasting topographic signature of geomorphic events. He was most recently a postdoctoral research scientist at the USGS in Moffett Field, CA where he worked on understanding the thresholds for runoff-generating events in post-fire settings using a combination of field and remote sensing data. He is also currently a postdoctoral researcher at Indiana University Bloomington, where he is using a combination of deep learning and mathematical theory to identify and quantify the effect of extreme wind events on forest geomorphology. This work contributes new theory that allows geomorphologists to more directly relate land surface characteristics to increasingly extreme weather. Tyler will continue this work in northeast Ohio but is also looking forward to asking new questions about the post-glacial and post-colonial adjustment of Lake Erie’s tributaries and its watershed. This fall (2023) semester he is teaching Geomorpholgy and Remote Sensing.