Prof. Matisoff attends workshop in Prague

Prof. Gerald Matisoff participated in the recent HYDRUS short course and workshop at the University of Life Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.

While there, he presented the paper ‘Downward Migration of Chernobyl-derived Radionuclides in Soils in Poland and Sweden’. HYDRUS is a computer model used for the description of water flow and solute transport processes in the vadose zone. The model may be used to describe a variety of one- and multi-dimensional applications such as flow and transport into and through the vadose zone, infiltration from a subsurface source, and two dimensional leachate migration from a landfill through the unsaturated zone into groundwater. Recent model developments include the application to biogeochemical modeling with HP1 (a HYDRUS-PHREEQC coupled model) and the coupling of unsaturated zone and saturated zone modeling with the HYDRUS package for MODFLOW.