Research ShowCase 2008

Four members of the Geological Sciences Department will be presenting results of their research this year at Research Showcase, held April 17, 2008 in the Veale Center.

This year’s presentations include:
Diffusion of Trivalent Cations in MgO at 1atm and High Temperature (1468-2273), Katherine Crispin with James Van Orman, Presentation Number 270.
Downward Migration of Chernobyl-derived Radionuclides in Soils in Poland and Sweden, Gerald Matisoff with Lauren Vitko and Peter Whiting, Presentation Number 271.
Spherical Splines: Beyond Spherical Harmonics for Non-Uniform Geophysical Datasets on Earth’s Moon, Andreas Ritzer with Steven Hauck, Presentation Number 272.
CO2-SO2 Co-Solubility and pH in Brines at High Pressure, Lauren Skaggs with Beverly Saylor, Presentation Number 273.