Welcome Mark Green, Sr. Research Associate

Dr. Mark Green joined the EEPS Department in Fall 2019 as a Senior Research Associate.

Dr. Green joins us from Plymouth State University (New Hampshire) where he was an Associate Professor of Hydrology. While at Plymouth State, he served as a Research Hydrologist for the Northern Research Station of the U.S. Forest Service, and will continue in that role at CWRU. His research focuses on understanding water movement in forests, which has implications for understanding regional water supplies, forest productivity, and carbon sequestration. Mark’s primary field research site is the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest (HBEF) in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He contributes to the maintenance of the long-term (60-year) hydrologic record there and interpretation of hydrologic changes within the record. Mark co-leads the operation of an eddy covariance tower at HBEF, which is providing high-frequency information about the environmental controls on forest water use and the overall energy budget for this forest. Additional research has focused on sensing the sub-canopy micro-climate to improve predictions of how forest management impacts water and energy cycling in forests. Mark aims to build upon this research agenda at CWRU by expanding the geographic scope of his studies to improve predictions of how forests regulate water at the northeastern U.S. and Great Lakes regional scales.