Welcome Sharmila Giri, Visiting Assistant Professor

Dr. Sharmila Giri joined the EEPS Department in Fall 2019 as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

Dr. Sharmila Giri joins us from Fort Worth, TX, where she was an instructor at Tarrant County College. Sharmila received her Ph.D. in Marine Geosciences in 2018 from the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. Prior to starting her Ph.D., she completed her M.S in Geology at the University of Cincinnati and her B.S. in Biology at The Pennsylvania State University. Sharmila’s research uses trace element ratios, stable isotopes and lipid biomarkers to understand global biogeochemical cycles and their effect on the ecology and evolution of keystone species throughout Earth’s history. She is primarily interested in understanding the effect of environmental and climatic changes on coral reef ecosystems, and in the connections between terrestrial and marine environments over geologically relevant time-scales. While her previous research has focused on using corals as a tool for understanding ancient environmental changes, she is currently focusing her attention on the effects of current/future climate change on calcifying organisms in marine and transitional environments. Sharmila will teaching EEPS 115 Introduction to Oceanography this fall.